Who We Are

EPRA is a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation program for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Our programs helps clients explore vocational interests, identify transferable skills, re-enter the workforce, and sustain meaningful employment. EPRA services have been developed, tested, and refined after years of program evaluation, ongoing focus on the common barriers faced by recovering individuals in their efforts to enter the workforce, and most importantly, listening to feedback from EPRA clients. We believe that by returning individuals to work in an honest and dignified manner, the ideal of hope is communicated that recovery is possible.

What Makes Us Different

EPRA's unique vocational rehabilitation program focuses on building job skills and mastering the requirements of the workplace, experiences that graduating clients can use to find and maintain employment during their recovery. Our vocational rehabilitation program consists of:

  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation Assessment
  • Situational Assessment
  • Job Placement

The program enables clients to achieve meaningful employment and adopt the positive principles that will enrich their lives now and in the future.