"My confidence level is so high now that I am ready to proceed with my goal"

"It gave me more confidence in myself than I even knew I had. I will always use that in life"

"I feel I'm ready to excel vocationally and re-enter into society and keep my sobriety"

"It helped me get through my fears of going through this again. I thank EPRA for helping me feel that I can make it"

"I've learned various things about my strengths and limitations in dealing with others as well as myself. But most importantly I got friendship and support from my peers."

"I got my confidence back and I learned that you are never too old to learn. Thank you all!"

"It motivated me to want more for myself"

"I learned that I still have a chance to change my life. There is still hope."

"I learned that there is still a future and I can work to make it better."

"EPRA gave me a voice, confidence and the ability to move forward in life I am truly thankful for the opportunity to succeed."

"I learned that I can finish something, be proud and move on to newer and better things without fear."

"I got so much out of this experience. It showed me that I hadn't lost a lot of knowledge that I thought was gone. I learned so much about myself."

"EPRA taught me that the possibilities are endless on what I can do and what I can become. This program opened my eyes and made me realize it's never too late."

"I got a new level of confidence, a vocational goal that I am excited about, and a lot of hope"

"I learned that no matter what comes you have to remain focused and wait for the miracle to occur. I got reassured that my value has not changed, only my attitude about my worth did. ERPA helped me to gain that back. Thank you!"

"I lost a lot of the fears I had about returning to the work environment."

"The program helped me realize that my goals are achievable. Progress, not perfection will set me where I want to go. Short term will eventually become long term if I keep taking the small steps in the right direction."

"I was able to improve my self-esteem, get to know positive qualities about myself, find out resources available to move on."

"Freedom to find out what I want and need to have a career, not just a job."

"I learned that I am not worthless and that I do have the knowledge and ability to do great things with my life."

"This program is not just another program. EPRA should be proud, you really make a difference."

"Someone cares - but you have to want it for yourself - EPRA cares!"

"An awakening - to my past life, future and the reality of my present."

"I got the much needed tools to utilize in my journey and future. The things that I have forgotten about were brought back to the surface. That you can do whatever you put your mind to. Success is only as far as you make it!"

"EPRA reached out, and I embraced it with open arms. Such a warm, loving embrace. I recommend it to anyone who needs to get in touch with themselves."

"I got a lot more than I was expecting. Challenges - knowing I can face and conquer them. Finding out things about myself that I've suppressed for some time. Knowing I can attain what I want for a better life."

"I learned that there are people out there who care and want to help no matter what your background. EPRA has given me the confidence to press on."

"Thanks for allowing me to come out of my shell and thinking that I could never become something more. I'm not just my environment, I can be an individual."

"I would like to thank all the staff for directing me to a clearer path, learning humility along the way. Thank you all for caring enough."

"I learned that there's life after addiction if you believe and stay focused."

"I have gained more confidence in myself and thanks to EPRA I will succeed in life!"

"I learned to walk the road of my dreams and not let anything get in my way."

"An enlightening about my life and circumstances. A new and positive direction, hopefulness."

"I got positive feedback from everyone. I got a sense of pride for completing and being able to stay focused on what I have to do. EPRA is a very good program and I commend them and their staff."

"I was able to learn about my weakness and my strengths. I learned I was not alone, how to show compassion, how to speak in a positive manner and how to search and grow as a human."

"EPRA gave me a mirror to focus on my strengths, talents and abilities, as well as work on my weaknesses."

"I learned a little more responsibility, dedication and determination. The program helped me realize that I still have the capacity to accomplish what I want in life."

"I got myself back - the self that's filled with all of the light I've been blocking. Thank you!"

"I learned a lot from completing this program - about introspection and self-awareness. To challenge myself and strive to reach my goals."

"Truthfully, I got my life in order. I can see clearly now."

"The realization that my goals were realistic and that I no longer need to live in the past. I have the experience and ability to make the most of my life, and to do the same for others."

"I got to realize that I still have the potential to be successful in my life. EPRA has awoken my senses to get back into society."

"I received a priceless experience from EPRA that I will cherish for the rest of my life."

"I got a clear idea on where I'm at on an educational level, direction on where I want to go employment-wise, and great support from the excellent staff here at EPRA."

"I learned I still got it in me to make changes in my life. Also met new people and EPRA gave me the knowledge to move on and give myself a chance."

"I reclaimed my confidence and awareness, as well as my direction to always keep my head up and my feet forward at all times."

"I learned to accept my past. I should not cower in fear and hang my head in shame over mistakes made. Now is the time to evaluate the things I can do well and recognize that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to."

"EPRA helped me to identify and work through different barriers to my employment. I am incredibly grateful to everyone."

"A sense of inspiration as to what goal I wanted to achieve. A staff that was patient, kind, caring and understanding."

"I came to the realization that I don't need anyone's permission to succeed."

"I got the courage to complete a goal I couldn't achieve if I didn't come to EPRA."

"I got the chance to come out of my comfort zone. To sit in a classroom setting and do the best I could. To make new friends. To get up in the morning with a destination."

"EPRA has reinforced what I learn over and over in sobriety - that I have to stay open, don't close myself off and don't listen to the negative voice in my head."