A portion of our "Putting the Pieces Together" congratulatory wall, where we celebrate EPRA clients when they obtain employment

Job Placement Services:

Applicants demonstrating the ability to benefit from Job Readiness Training and/or Job Placement services work with an EPRA employment specialist on preparing for and accessing job opportunities. The employment specialists work in groups and individually with clients on resume development, online applications, tapping into the hidden job market, and enhancing interviewing abilities. Assistance in acquiring basic computer skills for job search is also available to clients in our Job Placement phase.

Employment Retention Services

EPRA understands that it's not just about getting the job - it's about keeping the job. Once an individual obtains employment, new challenges and stressors may arise. Employment Retention Services aim to help clients successfully navigate their new employment and make the right moves toward advancement. Counseling services, resume revisions, and career advice are available to EPRA alumni.

Incentives for Documenting Your Employment

When you land that first job after attending EPRA, we want to stay in touch with you during that important first six months, and hope you will stay in touch with us. In order to facilitate that process, we are happy to offer a five-day MetroCard to recent EPRA alumni who are able to provide us with a copy of a pay stub at four separate points in time during the first six months of employment. Please contact us at 212.947.1471 for details.