Holiday Appeal

The Holiday season is here again.  What a wonderful time of year when we celebrate each other and this glorious season of giving.


Being a part of EPRA since 1984 has been an amazing experience for me.  Learnng how to help people to see themselves in a new light, without all of the distortions and dishonesty that are always a part of addiction has been a very powerful thing.  Evenmore, being able to earn how to be honest with myself has helped me to be a better human being.  For this I am very grateful.  


EPRA is a place in which people who are seeking to maintain a sober life can honestly discover more about their value as individuals and their capacity to contribute in the world of work in a positive way.  EPRA is a safe place for people in recovery to grow, and learn how to accept the truth that they are capable and valuable no matter what their past circumstances have been.


With the uncertainty in the world today, there has been one thing constant and that is EPRA.  EPRA has continued to succesfully provide comprehensive vocational services for the past 38 years.  Our mission is to help individuals in recovery to attain and maintain meaningful employment.


In his Holiday season, we ask that you consider making a donation to EPRA so that we continue to offer people in recovery an opportunity to return to productive and contributing members of society in an honest and meaningful way.


We are asking for your help that we may meet our goal this year and raise $30,000.  We ae excited to let you know there are various ways of donating such as to our general holiday newsletter, our giving tree, and plaques of acknowledgement.


Thank you for assisting us and being a part of the EPRA family.  Your generosity and support are very important to us as we go forward.


Happy Holidays!!


Michael Smith
EPRA Clinical Director

Your support is appreciated.

You can also support us though the Amazon Smile Program